Chaps&Smoothies is my personal photo project. Project’s purpose is to use social activism approach in order to target men to become more compassionate towards animals. As a platform I have chosen Facebook, since the intended target audience spends a substantial amount of time on Facebook everyday. In addition, it is  an effective platform for sharing content and spreading the word.

Concept Description: It is a Facebook album featuring pictures of handsome lively men with smoothies in various life phases. Smoothie represents vegan values and is a funny prop for the pictures. Along with the picture there goes a monolog, which represents participant’s thoughts on individual moral virtues.


Logo: Since Facebook is the main platform, the visual expression has its limits. Therefore, logo plays an important role, since it is the main graphic element of the project. I have chosen playful and optimistic approach, by using green color, hand-written typeface and the mustache, because it has been trendy for the past two years and is associated with cool street fashion and projects, that are striving for positive progress (e.g. Movember).

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.59.17 PM

T-shirt design for project ambassadors.


The pictures are also taken by me. The idea is to photograph men in their comfort zone: environment, which they are closely familiar with.




More pictures can be found in the project: Chaps&Smoothies.


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